“Good artists copy,
Great artists steal”

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”

Yeah, you’ve likely heard this controversial quote by Picasso. Some creatives hate it while some champion the underlying meaning of the message. Watch what the legend’s got to say.

A great artist selectively takes (steals) elements from multiple sources and then creatively combines their influences to create something that is uniquely their own. At Mobbin, we believe that discovering great & interesting ideas is essential in this creative process. The more good ideas we have at hand, the better the solution we can come up with.

Our history

Since 2018, we’ve helped many product designers and app creators in the discovery of new inspiration by providing them with a fast efficient way of searching for reference designs they needed. And fortunately, we’ve grown into the largest mobile app design reference website in the world.


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But we are not stopping there.

What’s next

Our vision is to become the most comprehensive reference library for digital product design (including web apps, websites, iPadOS apps, etc) first, and other creative professions like brand design, game design and filmmaking in the future.

It’s a new kind of creative tool, but we believe an essential one, that will make our creative process a little easier and more fun.

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